Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Reading Focus Card is a Winner!

The Reading Focus Card Awarded Seal of Approval

A very happy third anniversary to the Reading Focus Card (Patent 7,565,759).  We are so happy to have this product as one of our long-standing award-winners.  Developed by Brennan Innovators, LLC, the Reading Focus Card exemplifies the spirit of the Kidlutions Solutions for Kids Award, which is granted to products that change lives. The Reading Focus Card continues to make a difference in lives of struggling and new readers world wide!

How It Helps

The Reading Focus Card is a non-invasive and inexpensive reading aid.  It helps kids with a variety of learning styles by providing differentiated instruction for such issues as: ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, autism, low vision issues and stroke-related difficulties.  It can even help young readers because it promotes left to right reading.  

The Reading Focus Card can be used with e-readers (the shorter version is perfect for Kindle) and e-tablets (the long version works great with iPads, Android tablets, etc.)  This tool has so much versatility!

The Reading Focus Card is Now Tech Savvy

The Reading Focus Card App in Action (above).
The card and reading window size adjustments, as well 
as the color options of both will be nearly unlimited.

It appears we have more to celebrate than an anniversary, however! The Reading Focus Card is now available in an app (Patent 8,360,779)! Seems too good to be true, but it's not! I'd say Brennan Innovators, LLC, is aptly named.  The company is a front runner in innovation and taking things to the next level.

The current desktop app is for PCs and Mac computers and laptops. You can find it HERE. As soon as the iTunes link is available we will share it right here, so be sure to check back.

Complete List of Links

Here is the complete set of links for accessing and downloading the new Reading Focus Cards app (Patent 8,360,779):
1. For Windows PCs:
Visit the Microsoft Windows Store and search for the app called "Reading Focus Cards."  (No URLs are ever provided for apps in the Windows Store.)
2. Another option to access this Windows PC version:
3. For Macs:
Visit the Mac App Store and search for "Read and Focus" or go directly to

Compatibility with iPads and other mobile devices is hoped for in the near future. With Brennan Innovators, LLC, you can bet future developments are in the works!

It Keeps Getting Better

The Reading Focus Card continues to show its value, not only for reading, but also for use in math, for reading charts and graphs, as well as for easier viewing of stock quotes.  (The video below provides more information.)  The Reading Focus Card is available in two different sizes and the reading filter color can also be customized. 

A very cool feature on the company's site also allows you to change the background color of the page, when you visit! I LOVE that! Don't think it matters so much? Check it out for yourself HERE.

Learn More About the Reading Focus Card

Advantages of Using the Reading Focus Card 

Brennan Innovators, LLC website lists the following advantages to using the Reading Focus Card:
  • Enables a reader to more easily focus when reading a line of text
  • Promotes better concentration and comprehension
  • Is non-invasive with no side effects because no medication is involved
  • Is portable and easy to store in pocket or purse
  • Can double as a bookmark for easiest access
  • Can also be stored on a binder ring to prevent loss
  • Promotes accurate placeholder work as in column addition or long division
  • Assists with reading charts, graphs, and stock quotes
  • Is non-mechanical requiring no energy/maintenance
  • Is easy on the eyes—pastel (soothing) or bright (for added emphasis)
  • Is very inexpensive to purchase and/or repurchase
  • Is very easy to use! 
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    Joan Brennan, the genius behind the product!

Congratulations, Brennan Innovators, LLC, and the Reading Focus Card!
We are so happy to have you as part of the Kidlutions family!