Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Reading Focus Cards Desktop App: A High-tech Solution for Challenged Readers

Congratulations to Brennan Innovators, in celebration of their fourth anniversary as a recipient of the Kidlutions: Solutions for Kids  Reading Focus Cards  (Patent 7,565,759) and the Reading Focus Cards desktop app  (Patent 8,360,779). Both were invented by Joan Brennan of Brennan Innovators. Joan is an incredible champion of education, supporting challenged readers everywhere. She is an amazing person, as well.

Help for Struggling Readers

I don't know about you, but I am always amazed when a product idea is conceived, developed and finally comes to fruition.  Truly, it is a labor of love.  Such is the case with the Reading Focus Cards desktop app  (Patent 8,360,779), created by Brennan Innovators, an incredible company that had already met with much success with their physical, low-tech Reading Focus Cards (Patent 7,565,759), which have helped countless challenged readers.

In addition to be used with books and documents, 
the low-tech Reading Focus Cards, pictured above and below, 
can also be used with many high-tech reading devices.

Whether you prefer the low-tech, customizable Reading Focus Cards (Patent 7,565,759) for physical books, documents, etc. OR the high-tech Reading Focus Cards desktop app (Patent 8,360,779) for much more FOCUSED online reading of nearly any digital media (webpages, e-books, PDF files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets & more), the Reading Focus Cards and the Reading Focus Cards desktop app have you covered!

The High-tech Reading Focus Cards Desktop App

The high-tech version of the Reading Focus Cards, the Reading Focus Cards desktop app, can conveniently be used directly on your digital device.  According to the Help for Struggling Readers blog, the official blog of Brennan Innovators:

The glimmer of this software idea came to us way back in 2003---even before the word "app" was commonly used for a software program. The idea remained on the drawing board here at Brennan Innovators until 2009 when the first patent was issued for our low-tech reading tools, the Reading Focus Cards (Patent 7,565,759). When orders for these physical reading tools began to arrive in increasing numbers, we started saving some of that revenue in preparation for possible app development. At the same time in 2009, a second patent application was submitted---this time, for the Reading Focus Cards desktop app idea.

That is some dedication. A six-year wait finally resulted in the birth of the desktop app to help struggling readers. The app is an overlay that appears on your screen, providing you with the option to customize its appearance.

Here's an example of the Reading Focus Cards desktop app in action.

Here's another example. This digital media tool enables readers to 
configure its various features, customizing it to their individual needs.

Yet another glimpse of how the desktop app can be 
individualized for the user.

Features of the Reading Focus Cards desktop app (Patent 8,360,779) include:

1. Flexible features allow the reader to change height and/or width of the virtual Reading Focus Cards desktop app as well as those of the virtual Reading Window Filter.

2. Lets the user change the colors of the tool, providing the most comfortable and preferred option for each unique reader.

3. Compatible with and supports touch-screen technology (where applicable). Where touch-screen is not an option, the mouse and arrow keys provide the movement for the digital Reading Focus Cards desktop app. The speed is controlled by the reader. Regardless of the technology used, the application stays on top of the text while in use, which eliminates further frustration by an already challenged reader.

Here's how you can get your Reading Focus Cards desktop app (Patent 8,360,779):

1. For Macs: 
Visit the Mac App Store at

2. For Windows PCs: 
Visit Gumroad at OR visit the Microsoft Windows Store and search for the app called Reading Focus Cards. (No URLs are provided for apps in the Windows Store.)

To learn more about the Reading Focus Cards desktop app (Patent 8,360,779), please visit

To learn more about the Reading Focus Cards desktop app, go HERE.

Connect with Brennan Innovators:

Facebook:  The Reading Focus Cards  

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Again, congratulations to Brennan Innovators. We are so happy to have you as part of the Kidlutions family and we applaud your ongoing efforts to support struggling readers worldwide!