Monday, July 8, 2013

The Reading Focus Card is a Game-Changer

Happy Anniversary, Reading Focus Card!

Somebody's having another anniversary with the Kidlutions Seal of Approval and it's the Reading Focus Card (Patent 7,565,759).  That's right, a resource so powerful and so unique, it's patented.

Can you imagine a world without reading?  Neither can I!  That is just one of the reasons why Kidlutions continues to bestow its Seal of Approval upon the Reading Focus Card.


This simple, affordable tool has been a game-changer to many.  Kids and adults alike have found the ease of use and portability of this tool to contribute to the overall success in using it.  It can fit in a pencil case, a purse or a back pocket. This tool provides a unique, unobtrusive aid to individuals who might otherwise give up reading because of the struggles they experience.  And you don't even have to leave home to get it.  The Reading Focus Card is available on  I can tell you firsthand that this tool is heads above what was used by kids when I was a special ed social worker in the schools.

The Genius Behind the Invention

Joan Brennan, Inventor/Educator
Joan Brennan, the inventor of the Reading Focus Card, is more than just a name.  She's a real, breathing person who cares an awful lot.  Her blog, Help for Struggling Readers, offers an amazing array of resources on a consistent basis.  Joan is about as generous as they come, too.  She's sharing all of her incredible information on facebook, twitter and pinterest.  Be sure to catch her there!

Don't Just Take My Word for It

Not only did the Reading Focus Card pass muster with our reviewers and me, there is a plethora of satisfied customers out there, using the Reading Focus Card every day.  And it's making a big difference.  See what they have to say here on

What Makes the Reading Focus Card Different?

The following was excerpted directly from .

What To Look for in an Educational Tool

Children and adults with attention deficiencies need tools to help focus on individual words.  It is difficult for them to first focus to read a full sentence and then process its correct meaning.  Many basic, educational methods fail to provide 3 basic parameters needed to be effective and aid struggling readers:

1.  A good reading aid for kids and adults must help them focus more easily on a specific part of a page.
2.  The tool should allow them to concentrate on individual words when needed.
3.  Such a device needs to encourage the eye to move easily from left to right and from one line of text to another.
4. The ideal reading tool should be research-based. 

The Reading Focus Card is a reading aid that provides all of the above and helps kids and adults of any age to experience more reading success. The Reading Focus Card is also an effective learning tool for kids and adults who need supportive tools and learning strategies to focus their attention on printed material at hand and the exact meaning of that material.

So there you have it folks.  The Reading Focus is the real deal.  Get one for your struggling reader today.

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