Monday, April 25, 2011

The Reading Focus Card Changes Lives

The Reading Focus Card

The Struggle

Reading takes people places. Literally and figuratively. Yet, every day in the world, countless numbers of people struggle to do what you are doing right now…reading.  When someone struggles with reading, every other subject presents challenges, as well. The reverse is also true.  When someone masters reading, it makes it that much easier to master other subjects.

Dyslexia, ADHD and More

That’s easier said than done, though, when you have dyslexia or ADHD or another reading disability. Reading can become a struggle, and many battles are waged in homes and schools across the world because of the challenges that some individuals face. Sometimes people give up all together. At worst, some may feel that they just aren’t smart and that they’ll never measure up.

The Reading Focus Card

All of that can change with the Reading Focus Card (Patent 7,565,759), which helps individuals challenged with tracking and focusing when attempting to read or study.  Designed by a mom and teacher, the Reading Focus Card is an ingenious way to combat all of the aforementioned problems. Joan Brennan, the inventor, has taught children with varying abilities and also has four boys of her own.  She has developed this incredible tool to help with many reading problems.

Joan Brennan, inventor of the Reading Focus Card.

The company's website identifies these features and benefits of the Reading Focus Card:
  • Enables a reader to more easily focus when reading a line of text
  • Promotes better concentration and comprehension
  • Is non-invasive with no side effects because no medication is involved
  • Is portable and easy to store in pocket or purse
  • Can double as a bookmark for easiest access
  • Can also be stored on a binder ring to prevent loss
  • Promotes accurate placeholder work as in column addition or long division
  • Assists with reading charts, graphs, and stock quotes
  • Is non-mechanical requiring no energy/maintenance
  • Is easy on the eyes—pastel (soothing) or bright (for added emphasis)
  • Is very inexpensive to purchase and/or repurchase
  • Is very easy to use!
The Reading Focus Card is appropriate for use with both children and adults.  It can be used by both individuals with reading disabilities and those without, as this tool helps reduce eye-strain for even the most proficient of readers.

View a quick video to learn more about the Reading Focus Card:

How This Product Changes People's Lives

Struggling with reading takes its toll on one's self-esteem.  It saps one's confidence and even their desire to try harder. Having worked as a therapist with kids diagnosed with reading disabilities, I know full well the impact this can have on them.  Kids have told me, "Reading is stupid."  "I'll never learn to read."  "I  don't even care about reading." Saddest of all, some kids have said about themselves, "I'm just stupid."

The Reading Focus Card provides kids with a winning tool and strategy that can change all of the above.  As they gain better ability in their reading, their self-esteem and confidence rises.  Kids with more confidence are willing to risk to try more academically.  As kids experience more success, they may continue to push themselves more.  This product builds reading skills and so much more!

Welcome, Joan Brennan, and Brennan Innovators, LLC, to the Kidlutions family of award-winning products. Your Reading Focus Card is a shining example of Solutions for Kids...and we are proud to put our Seal of Approval on it!


  1. My son was diagnosed with vision and hand-eye coordination problems, Sensory Processing Disorder, Aspergers, and ADHD. Prior to the Reading Focus Card, I tried many things, including expensive therapies, to facilitate his reading skills. Then we purchased the Reading Focus Card (RFC). Talk about a positive change - we are having great success with this wonderful compact tool! Our entire family is able to benefit from this product. My Husband and I also use the RFC, as we are finding our eyes tire easily. The RFC is something that everyone can benefit from - and I am so happy to say that my son, who had trouble following along in the most basic of books - has just finished C.S.Lewis "Chronicles of Narnia" with ease. Thank you to the inventor of this wonderful product! - Maria N., GA

  2. Maria,

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing this wonderful success story regarding the Reading Focus Card (RFC). What a wonderful testament to the fact that it does change lives! Joan's successful invention of the RFC has caused a ripple effect of success for others!

    "Chronicles of Narnia"? Now, that is something to celebrate! Give that son of yours a high-five from me!

    Wendy @Kidlutions

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